300W wind turbine/wind generator/wind power

300W wind turbine/wind generator/wind power

300W wind turbine/wind generator/wind power is our main product.We offer a wide range of power:200W,300W,400W,600W,1000W,2000W,3000W , etc.

300W wind turbine/wind generator/wind power can use at home, farm,street light and so on. Power is generated in the breeze so it can use everywhere.

    300W wind turbine, is easy to install, highly efficiency of wind energy, long life and maintenance-free. It is leading the trend of low-carbon life, developing the future of new energy.

Technical parameters:

Starting wind speed:    2(m/s)

The rated wind speed:12(m/s)

Cuts wind speed:          2.5(m/s)

The rated voltage:         12V/24V(DCV)

Rated power:                 300(W)

The maximum power:  400(W)

Wind leaf diameter:      1.5(m)

Wind leaf quantity:         3(pcs)

Safety wind speed:       45(m/s)

The weight of the:         16(kg)

Winds protection:         Idaho and electromagneticbrake discharge         

Motor maximum temperature rise:Rated load 85 ?

Working temperature:   - 50 ? to 120 ?

The authentication:         CE,ISO 9001


1. Sophisticated aerodynamic design, wing resistance,  low noise. Real breeze starts, high wing energy utilization.

2. Strict anti-fog testing,the fuselage corrosion and rust.  The maze is a unique motor design proof,  waterproof, anti-sandstom.

3. High-strength permanent magnetic materials with high-quality, machine warranty for three years, maintenance-free for up to fifteen years

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