Folding solar panel

Folding solar panel

Good Mono crystalline silicon solar cells with high efficient rate, flawless. Portable alignment specifications :80-120W


Free solar controller, high efficient conversion from solar energy to the DC load or battery charging.


No oil, gas, coal and other fuels, It is the new green power generation equipment, Directly change sunlight to power, without a penny. The quality of life is enhanced by this easy, efficient product.


It comes with a bracket for easy operation, folding design for easy carrying.The aluminum alloy frame with high strength quality, resistance to mechanical shock.


It is a good appearance, energy saving and environmental protection product, Application for camping, RVs, field work, meals, adventure, home lighting, pasture, Island fishing boats, border posts without electricity.

Accessories include:

Mono crystalline solar panel        2pcs

Bracket                       1set

Cable & battery clip            1set

Controller                     1pc

Padlock                      1pc

Australia canva carrying bag    1pc

(Battery is not included. Suggestion is 60-80AH 1pc)   .


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