Wind solar street light

Wind solar street light

1.        Wind solar street light work:

wind turbine convert wind energy into electric energy then produce current. And sunlight through solar panels convert solar energy into electric energy . Wind solar street light is adopting wind and solar as main power resource to supply power by storing in batteries. It is automatic sensor lighting changes, intelligent control light switch, strong wind protection.

2. Wind solar street light accessories:

Wind turbine , Solar panel , Controller , LED light , Pole , Battery

3. The advantages of wind solar street light :

u      Independent system off gird power,high scurity strong wind resistance;

u    Adaptability, scientific design to achieve optimal use of climate resources,  subject to seasonal and climatic constraints

u      Easy installation, simple operation, Suitable for most road

u      Optimal combination of light and electricity, achieve nonstop power supply all the year round

4.The applicance of wind solar street light:

The wind solar street light system can be widely used in suburban roads, factory lighting, landscape roads, parks, living area, parking, plaza, tourist attractions, remote roads, highways and so on.



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Brand Name: Greenpower

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