Wind solar power supply system

Wind solar power supply system

Wind and solar are the most common and clean, renewable energy on the earth, wind solar power supply system does not consume conventional energy , no energy distribution, in accordance with the requirements of the user's electricity load to rationalize the system configuration.The system can also be easily expansion to meet increasing user load demand of electricity .It is the most reasonable, most reliable, safest, most economical and most environmentally friendly power supply system.

Wind solar power suply system is no pollution, no noise, no waste. The electricity it produces is a natural, clean renewable energy. To make human living environment no pollution any more , wind and solar will be the inevitable choice for the world's energy in the future.

Wind solar power supply accessories:

Wind turbine , Solar panel , Controller , Inverter, Battery

The applicance of wind solar power supply system:

Communication base stations, microwave stations, remote areas, islands. Generally apply to stay away from large power grids , low voltage, sparsely populated, plenty of local wind and solar resources, the economic practicality of a power station.


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