Monitoring system

Monitoring system

Wind solar power monitoring system is an appliance for monitoring that change solar and wind energy into electrical energy. As solar and wind energy are highly complementary, the system can compensate for wind power or solar system on the resources’ balance and instability. Currently, the monitoring is usually 24-hour operation, using the traditional power supply system is not conducive to energy conservation. The wind solar monitoring power system has no air pollution, no noise, no waste, is a natural, clean energy.

Wind solar monitoring system is based on the user's electricity load and resource conditions for the rational allocation of system capacity .The system can ensure the reliability of power supply, and also reduce the cost of power generation systems. No matter what the environment is and how the power requirements, it can make the most optimized system design to meet user requirements.

Monitoring system consists of wind turbine, solar panels, batteries, controllers, inverters, monitoring equipment, monitoring pole, battery box / box buried and so on.

Guang Zhou Greenpower wind solar monitoring system is suitable for Highway ?Villa?Residential ?Forest monitoring, Power transmission lines, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, mineral resources, border control, security camera, etc.

wind solar monitoring system advantages: independent system, no laying cable, no external Commercial power; scientific system design for best use of climate resources; low maintenance costs; low voltage electrical hazards; easy installation, simple operation.

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