Ads. (Wind Solar Power system)

Ads.  (Wind Solar Power system)

Outdoor billboards require laying cable for lighting .Both construction cost of the power system and the monthly electricity bill are high. If use wind solar power system for billboard can solve the problem . The overall system construction costs are lower, and no need to pay electricity bill, and ensure reliable power supply under any weather conditions.There are clear economic benefits. In addition, the attractive appearance of the wind turbine itself is a dynamic landscape,and it can improve the visual effects of outdoor billboards.

From a technical point of view, wind solar power supply system for billboard is a complex product, using two complementary principles of energy, without cables, and it is simple construction, elegant. It is a practical and art combination which is an advertising and also to be a landscape .

The applicance of wind solar power system for billboards:

Outdoor bill board, lighting box, Led spotlight

The advantages of wind solar power system for billboards:

²       Beautiful landscape, attract attention, improve advertising effectiveness.

²       Independent system off gird powe.

²       High security strong wind resistance.

²       Easy installation, simple operation.

The accessories of wind solar power system for billboards:

Solar panel , Controller , LED Lamp , Pole , Battery , Battery case

Product Origin: China
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Brand Name: Greenpower

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